The Alholmens Kraft Power Station (also known as Jakobstad Power Station) is the largest biomass power station in the world, at an installed capacity of 265 MW. The facility employs 400 people and is located at the factory premises of United Paper Mills in Alholmen, Jakobstad in Finland.

Alholmens Kraft in Pietarsaari, Finland, is the world’s largest biomass-fired power plant, with a boiler steam capacity of 550 MWth. Located at UPM-Kymmene’s Wisaforest pulp, paper and saw mill, the power plant uses wood-based biofuel to supply process steam for the mill and heating for the nearby town of Pietarsaari. It also produces electricity that is sold to its owners.

Prior to the completion of the new biomass power plant, the Wisaforest mill generated its heat and process steam using one black liquor-fuelled recovery boiler and a power boiler that was converted to a fluidized bed unit in 1996.